I was born in Budapest, on July 25th.
Studies: Architect’s degree /BME, 1968, Aesthete’s degree /ME, 1972
1968-1977: Building engineer /BVTV, KERTI
1977-1982: I lived and worked in Algeria
1982-83: head of the ÉTK Housing Archive
1984: Photography found me
1986-1989: Building photographer at Artunion
since 1989 I’ve been working as an independent photographer
1991: holder of a scholarship from the Hungarian Credit Bank’s Art Foundation /’Cellar villages’ in Baranya county
1996-2003: Head of the jury of the students’ art competition at the Hungarian Electric Works (MVM)
2001-2002: Designer and artistic director of the photo gallery at MVM
Photo products: Besides building photography I often take photos of glass or metal objects, industrial themes, and the beauties of nature, too. I have prepared wall pictures & calendars, and flyers for companies (MATÁV, OVIT, ALUKOL, PEAGEUT, TNI, SOTE, Budafok Local Government, etc.).
Membership, professional positions: Since 1994 I’ve been a member of The Hungarian Photographers’ Association, since 2001 - of The Hungarian Artists’ National Fellowship, since 2002 I’ve been a member of The Management of Photography Division at MAOE.
Exhibitions: Since 1989 I’ve had about 50 individual exhibitions and I’ve participated in about 10 collective exhibitions in Hungary and abroad.
Books: „A bor géniusza” (2002), which was awarded the first prize of the competition ‘The beautiful Hungarian Book’, and
“Gyöngyfüzér az Anyaságról” (2004), which won a certificate of merit in the same competition.
The design of the books was done by me, too.
Confession: To walk on the road, to take photos of our created and constructed world, to make the invisible seen, to play with the light, to map the beautiful, the gentle and innocent...